Shower Curtain Wall

            Proposal: Installation / Performance

Shower Curtain Wall speculates on the cultural and disciplinary space between the shower curtain and the curtain wall and the oppositional spheres they occupy: keeping water in versus keeping it out, soft vs. hard, private vs. public, interior vs. exterior, etc. This opposition between the surfaces has its parallel in the domain of architecture discourse, i.e., the degree to which they attract scholarly investigation. Additionally, this pairing illuminates the boundaries of the discipline, with the curtain wall firmly confined within its limits and the shower curtain - with its quotidian associations, “a fleeting object of study” 1 - at its fringes. In projecting modernist virtues of bureaucratic transparency via the material transparency of glass, the former attains the status of a disciplinary project and invariably becomes too disciplined. If the identification of a medium is an act of institutional reification 2, the curtain wall presents as modernism’s medium par excellence. The research culminates in an exhibition that stages a caress of the shower curtain’s surface against the curtain wall. In seeking moments of approximation within a spectrum of institutionally assigned value, the project unpacks the notion of disciplinary proximity.

1    Sylvia Lavin, “Critique passionnée or a folie à trois,” in Flash in the Pan (London: Architectural Association, 2014), 7.
2    Waled Beshty, “Aesthetics and Distribution Case (1): Preliminary Notes on Art’s Ability to       Radicalize Academia,” in 33 Texts: 93,614 Words: 581,035 Characters (Zurich : JRP | Ringier, 2016), 213.